IT Advice

Until recently, providing Computer support and friendly IT advice to small businesses was one of my core business activities.

Today, Córas IT focuses on providing advice, and guidance to small business clients in Lymm and nearby parts of Cheshire. We encourage New and Existing Clients to consider Cloud Computing. This is because, once in place, cloud computing requires much less support than a traditional office network; reducing cost to the client and commitment from Córas IT. Usually if any support is needed it can be via remote access.

Sympathetic Support

Many small business owners feel intimidated and confused by IT. I am dedicated to explaining (in a careful and sympathetic manner) the potential benefits that IT can bring to your activities. As a small business, home office or educational user you may already have received some training or help with IT, and thus feel relatively confident. However, there will be times when you know that “such and such” should be possible, but are unsure of the best way to achieve it. At other times you try to achieve something but it never quite works. That is where Córas IT come in. I can provide that helping hand; explaining in language you can understand how together we can achieve your objectives.

Are you using IT to its full potential?

Frequently I come across clients who are unaware of the potential that is available from their existing systems and software. Let Córas IT demonstrate to you ways in which you and your team could use your existing software and hardware to do so much more and so help you to work in a more efficient manner. To a large extent, this is an ‘on the spot’ training activity; showing you short-cuts and ways of working more effectively.