Below is a selection of the websites designed by Córas IT

WordPress Sites (Content Management)

Virtually all of the sites I build for clients these days use WordPress. It was originally designed for writing Blogs, but it offers thousands of possible ‘Themes’ which govern the look and style of the site.

Some themes are focused on CMS (Content Management System) rather then blogging, and gives the site a professional quality This means that once the basic site is prepared and the client trained up they can be responsible for organising the content on the site, uploading fresh photos etc. It is possible to modify the underlying coding and aspects of the chosen theme to get the right look. One can also utilise thousands of the available plug-ins to provide additional functionality, or image slide shows.

Brochure Sites

These sites were all built from scratch using raw HTML code edited and previewed in DreamWeaver, or similar software

Search Engine Optimisation

The sites below are ones where Córas IT was asked to revamp and make an existing site more ‘search engine friendly’, whilst maintaining the look and feel produced by the original designers.